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I love blogging communities. I mean, you can meet some amazing people and it’s only sometimes creepy when you really think about it. 😀

This however is not one of the creepy ones. Yesterday, I got featured in a blog! I was soooo super excited when I was informed about what was going on. Go find it here.

No, I sent this lovely lady one of my Art of Simplicity necklaced for a giveaway she was doing and now I’m featured. So much fun. Thanks hun!!

Now, to remind you of my giveaway, there are only two days left to enter. So ENTER! These earrings really are super cute.

Today is Etsy crushes day, huh? I am going to try my best to come show you all who I have been drooling over lately, but I can’t make any promises.



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PoshMommaStore Update

Ugh, its late and I’m tired, so this is going to be a quickie. (Hahahaha… how many of you have said that before. :-D)

I’ll be back tomorrow with a weekend winery update but tonight I would like to just quickly post my PoshMommaStore updates.

Here are a few things that I added this morning.

Feathery frolics: $17
Feathery frolic

More dainty industrial: $6
More dainty industrial

Amethyst dangles: $8
Amethyst dangles

Bigger amethyst dangles: $9
Bigger amethyst dangles

Victorian feathers: $8
Victorian feathers

Blessed blue: $8
Blessed blue

Birds of a feather: $19
Birds of a feather

Amethyst necklace: $21
Amethyst necklace

There you go. Enjoy.


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PoshMommaStore Update

I was going to open with “I’ve been a busy bee today,” but realized that I much prefer thinking of myself as Queen Bee.

I updated PoshMommaStore this morning with more goodies for you viewing, and wearing, pleasure. Observe.

Pearl and wood: $5
Pearl and wood

Lets go outside: $5
Lets go outside

Squirmy love: $6
Squirmy love

Dangling below: $5
Dangling below

Today is my mom’s birthday. She refuses to accept gifts from us, but I did a sneaky and got her a small something that I’m hoping against hope comes in the mail today so I can present it to her at dinner tonight.


It actually isn’t a cupcake. It’s soap. Fun, huh? Got it from AnitaCraftyCreations. My mom once made soaps and fun soaps are a thrill to her. I thought she’d like it.

Well, off to ready myself and my heathen daughter.

Don’t forget about the giveaway!!


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Your ears must be hungy, but my wallet no longer is

I am flabbergasted.

Ridiculously flabbergasted.

Pleased, but flabbergasted.

I like that word.

A few weeks ago I ordered a handful of forks. Not big, stuff your face forks, but small, hang from your ear forks.

I did it as a funny joke. My mother-in-law got me into the Twilight saga (I know, I know, please don’t judge) and I thought that making her some fork jewelry would be humorous.

I made a pair of fork earrings, named them “Your ears must be hungry,” and posted them in PoshMommaStore and they started selling IMMEDIATELY!

Your ears must be hungry

Baffles my mind.

Anyhoo, to make a dumb story short, I’ve had two bulk orders for these earrings and countless individuals that just crave the feel of small eating utensils dangling from their ears. Personally, I crave chocolate, but whatever floats your boat.

So, I just had to blog about this crazy fashion fad. Thank you Stephenie Meyer for writing popular books set in a place called Forks. You’re sending me to college (as if $3 earrings would make a small dent in my tuition).

Please, click the fork earrings picture above and order a pair for yourself. Use code CRAZYFORKS and I will even add in an Art of Simplicity necklace to help fill up that huge bubble mailer so I don’t feel like I’m wasting it.

You guys and your crazy forks. Love it!


P.S. Don’t forget the VDay Giveaway here.

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Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Well, I finally decided to do a Valentine’s Day Giveaway.

Comment, comment, comment. Just comment on this post to enter. I will assign each comment an number in the order that they are posted and use random.org to generate the random number.

Tell all of your friends and repost this please. The prize is fantastic.

1 lucky reader will get these fantabulous earrings:

Valentine's Day Giveaway

They are crimson freshwater pearl and coin pearl. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Comment away on THIS post until January 31 and I will pick a name and contact the lucky winner on February 1. That will give me plenty of time to get these beauties in the mail and to you by V Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

January 21, 2009 at 6:43 am 26 comments

PoshMommaStore Update: Restock and MLK Day Sale

With all of my wonderful customers buying so much lately, I have had to do a restock of my store. Two nights ago I sat up until 1 am making jewelry until I had bruises on my palms from my pliers. Yesterday morning I took pictures, and yesterday evening and this morning I have added them to the store (I HATE listing!).

I don’t have them all up yet, but I figured I would give you a sneak peak at what I’ve added so far and offer you a MLK DAY SALE! That’s right, a sale. If you order by midnight and mention MLKBLOG at checkout I will refund you via paypal 25% (pre-shipping). 

Here are some of your newest choices:

From the earth: $6

Flight of purity – the remix: $6

Dainty industrial: $6

Sheer elegance: $5

Icy: $4

Simple as black and white: $5

Who me: $4

Unlocking purity – the earrings: $6

More forbidden love: $5

Wow, that’s more than I thought. Yay! Anyhoo, remember the MLK Day Sale. 25% off with MLKBLOG at checkout. I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!! Be safe.


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Next Weekend

O, I am in such a FANTABULOUS mood!

I just booked mine and David’s hotel room for next weekend and I am ecstatic.

As you know (or should, anyway), I love wine. So much so, in fact, that I am researching it (which you may not have known). Yes, you heard me correctly, I am researching wine. Muscadine wine, to be exact.

As a research project for a class that I had last semester, I looked at the history and basic make up of muscadine wine. My research, which I am very proud to say, has been asked to present at this May’s conference of the Association of American Geographers in Las Vegas. Woot!

So, to finish up my research for presentation, I need to go to wineries (and YES, this IS research :-D). I plan on doing some interviewing, photo taking, and perhaps (ha! perhaps) some tasting.

Next weekend, David, Lily, and I will be leaving after our Friday morning classes and heading to Birmingham for a short tour of half of Alabama’s wineries. (Don’t act so surprise, most every states has atleast one winery.)

The agenda includes:
Vizzini Farms Vineyard
Ozan Winery
Morgan Creek Vineyards
Bryant Vineyards
Talladega National Forest (for David, as if he won’t love the wine as much as I)

We will have two full days of serious scientific research (;-D) and you will have a good bunch of pictures of Alabama’s finest. (Haha… I hate Alabama, I hope you sensed the sarcasm.)

I am most excited to visit Ozan Winery. As they do produce muscadine wine, their main staple is that of Norton (aka Cynthiana), which you will hear my wonderful Missouri Norton rant someday soon, I bet. I LOVE Norton wine and am curious and excited to taste an Alabama Norton.

So, next weekend will not come soon enough. I hope the little chance of rain that there is will dissipate.

Yay for wine!

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