Damn GIS

January 14, 2009 at 8:02 pm 1 comment

Sorry for the bluntness, but I’m in a cranker mood.

As a modern geographer, I must (not MUST, but really sorta must) learn GIS. I started my major as a GIScientist, but changed b/c I did NOT want to learn programming. Bleh.

I decided to do regular old Geography with a GIS Certificate (GIS coursework without the programming classes).


Took the intro class last semester, hated it. Taking the advanced class this semester, hate it. Will take the Capstone next semester, bet you 2 bucks I’ll hate it.

GIS offers great jobs (if you like sitting at a computer all day), good pay, almost guaranteed job placement, and fantastic job security. BUT I HATE IT!

I know most of you probably have no freaking clue what GIS is, and in my anger and annoyance I’m giving you the short stick and sending you here to learn about it if you please. The opening pic is an illustration of what we do with computers. It really is a really cool things but I hate relying on computers.

Give me some rapidographs and vellum and I’ll ink you a map all day long (and a damn good one at that) but sit me in front of a computer and tell me to do it and I’ll glare at you (then probably do it and HATE doing it the whole time).

So, love geography, HATE GIS. I feel I can’t emphasize that more.

I have an assignment to get back to. Poop.


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  • 1. Em  |  January 15, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    That does sound like poop! (Which when spoken poop is one of my most makes-me-cringe words, just fyi : ) ) Anywho, i received an award and think what it stands for is good stuff and I think it goes along with what you are doing here in your lovely (and funny) blog! So make sure you check out the post from jan13 b/c i’m passing it onto you. Thanks! have fun!


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