Sunday Wildcard – Update

January 11, 2009 at 8:46 am Leave a comment

Well, if any of you follow my twitter then you know that yesterday was an extra fantabulous day for me. David watched Lily all morning and I went and had a day of beauty and shopping. This is something that I haven’t really been able to do since before Lily was born, almost a year ago.

I got up and showered and went and got breakfast a Chick-fil-a (my FAVORITE). Then I went to Hobby Lobby. I seriously had not planned to go to Hobby Lobby because I know how dangerous it is for me to enter that store, but, to show you how rarely I get out of the house, I honestly thought the mall opened at 9, but it doesn’t; it opens at 10. So, I had an hour to spare and I KNEW Hobby Lobby was open.

I hit up the jewelry supply sale (imagine that) and bought Lily some wrapping paper for her b’day presents. I then just browsed until 10.

At ten I went to the mall where I got two pairs of jeans from Rue21 for $15 each. (I know and I’m so sorry, but such deals do promote the operations of sweat shops. Grrr… I hate it, but I’m cheap.) I also bought a super cute white button up shirt.

Then, I mosied to Payless and bought a cute pair of brown mary jane style athletic shoes (again, on sale). I tried to go buy myself a bra at Victoria’s Secret but they didn’t have the one I want in the right size and color. Boo.

I then went to get my hair cut by this amazing guy who cut’s my future mother-in-law’s hair (religiously, like every other week). He did a fantastic job, and I’m so proud of myself for not getting it chopped off like I usually do this time of year. David was happy. Ha!

After the MUCH needed hair cut, I went to Old Navy where I got this great shirtwhich I now see is on sale online for half the price that I actually paid for it. Damn.

Then I came home and David, Lily, and I went to have lunch at our favorite spot downtown, Ricatoni’s, and then to Alabama Outdoors (one of our favorite shops), where we shopped around and talked to a friend of ours who worked there.

That’s it. My fun day. I loved it, a lot. Woot.

Now for something useful to you. I printed out one of these great free calendars and gave it to the before-mentioned M-i-L. She loved it. Now, go get one for yourself! Here.

Ciao mes amis!


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