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New Year’s Eve Resolution

I’m breaking that crazy New Years mold and doing things a tad bit differently. I am starting my New Year’s resolutions a whole day early. Woot!

It has been a few months since anyone has seen me around these now murky waters, though, I have returned. This brings me to New Year’s Eve Resolution Numero Uno: I will blog ATLEAST once a week.

My next rez is so cliche that I almost dare not even mention it, however, I will. I have a big trip to Las Vegas this spring to a big conference where I will be standing in front of only Lord knows how many people to give a presentation on some research that has taken months to conduct, and I want to look damn good. New Year’s Eve Resolution Number Two: I will lose 20 lbs by mid March.

In the past months I have become a wine drinking feign. We taste wine on a weekly basis, sip down several bottles at a time sometimes, and bask in the culture inhaled from a good glass of vino. This brings me to New Year’s Eve Resolution Number Three: I will keep a Wine Card for each bottle of wine from which I enjoy even the smallest glass of viticulture goodness.

For a look at the Wine Cards that I will be using, and to purchase some of your own, check out my Etsy shop here or click the picture link of my cards below.


So, my resolution keeping (and HOPEFULLY not breaking) begins today. Please cheer me on.

As for my NYE plans, I’m having a dinner party with good friends, good food, and GOOD WINE.

Ciao mes amis!


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