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Tag, you’re it

So, I got tagged in a fun game that I didn’t even know I was playing! 😀 VivaLaViolette tagged me in a fun Photo Tag Game.

The goal is to post the 4th picture saved on your computer. Well, since our computer crashed a few months ago, I lost all my pictures, and refuse to save anything other than product pictures on here. So, I went to my USB Drive.

I hope you’re ready for a trip down memory lane.

Me and David 2003

This is David and I a few months after we got together in high school. This is 5 1/2 years ago. We were going to some stupid school function that neither of us really wanted to go to, but it gave us an excuse to dress up and go out. I remember this night all too well.

Of course, David looks almost the exact same. His hair is a bit different now, thank goodness. O me, how I have changed. Of course, I had a kid and put on a bit of weight. Not to mention my hair has definitely been cut since then. Haha. Wow. This is too funny to me. Yea. That was us in high school.

Well, this was too fun. Now for my tagging.

I think I’ll go for:
LightAndWriting and

Thanks Viva! That was fun!


March 2, 2009 at 9:28 am 1 comment

Snow and store

It is that time of the month and I am in a cranky mood. Hahaha.

1. It snowed last night! I was talking to my insanely genius neighbor/professor this morning and he said that 2 years ago it snowed on March 1st, last year is snowed on March 3rd, and this year on March 1st again. We only get about one snow a year around here, and apparently they have been consistent recently. Funny, eh? We played in it and here is a cute pic.

David and Lily

2. I am going Etsy posting mad today. Check out my new items at PoshMommaStore. Here’s a sneak peak.

Let lotus alone: $16
Let lotus alone

3. Started new birth control today. Bleh. Yay for no more babies! 😀

March 1, 2009 at 1:50 pm 1 comment


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