My Loves

My family is, by far, the most important people in my life. I would like to introduce you to them as well.


David and I met in high school (yes, we’re high school sweethearts). We’ve been together since then, and I’m positive we will be forever. He’s a geographer as well, who loves to play outside, even more than I do. He fares the heat much better than I do. I pass out. He loves hiking, rockclimbing, photography, and television, a lot. He’s a good man, obviously or else I wouldn’t still be with him, and he is definitely my best friend. We have a great time together.


Lily is our baby. She is beautiful. And smart. And funny. She is everything to us. She loves to make silly noises, scream, and her swing is her magic pooping chair. Without fail, everything time we put her in her swing, she comes out with a stinky diaper. Lily LOVES being outside too. Its so funny. She can be screaming her lungs out, and as soon as we walk outside she is as calm as can be. We love her so stinking much.


Roxy is our first child, and is by far the hariest. She is a chihuahua and is dumb as a stick. More often than not, we actually call her Roo. David always joked that she was a kangaroo (I have NO idea why) and Roo just stuck. David and I got her at the end of our first year of college and she has been attached to our heals ever since. She likes to run around the yard, roll in dead worms, and lick places that make me gag. Lily loves trying to pull Roxy’s hair. Roxy has learned to stay away from her outreached hands. We love the stinking Roo too.


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  • 1. Angie  |  January 27, 2009 at 12:00 pm

    I enjoyed reading your “Loves”. It is heartwarming, you have a nice family! Lily is beautiful, you are so blessed to have her. I also love the name Lily!

    It is also so nice to see that “Roo” is still part of your life and loved even though you have a child. Too often, in our neighborhood, I see pets cast aside when the children arrive!

    I wanted to say on your nice earring giveaway, I accidently entered twice, just disregard it please!

    Best wishes to you and yours!!



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