Tuesday’s Green Post

January 6, 2009 at 9:27 am 1 comment

Before we get to the green (environment, not money), I have a few things to say.

1.) Yesterday I signed up to participate in the Shoals Earth Day Fest as a vendor. This will be my first booth as just PoshMomma Jewelry Designs. I’m getting a booth to sell my jewelry, which I try to mostly make from recycled materials. My favorite recyclable material that I use is wine corks. Here is a sample of my wine cork earrings. Fun, huh?

2.) I’m adding another book to my “Currently Reading” list here. I got the semi-new Steve Berry book for Christmas and I couldn’t wait any longer to start reading it.

3.) I STILL have to complete these articles. Sat at the computer all day yesterday and almost completed them, but I was afraid if I tried my head would EXPLODE!

4.) I’m super annoyed at someone who ordered earrings from my etsy store and did not pay for them. She’s ignoring my convos, and will get neg feedback. Twerp.

Ok, on to being Earth-friendly! (Though, I suppose Earth Day and my made-from-recycled-materials jewelry was Earth-friendly.)

If you’ve read much of my blog you probably know that I LOVE food. As most of you probably don’t know I’m semi-vegetarian.

I know I know!! All those real vegetarians out there are probably wishing they could FLOG me for even uttering such a blasphemous concept. But I’m not doing it to save animals. They’re going to get killed and eaten whether I’m doing the killing and eating or not. I don’t even eat enough as it is for it to matter if I quit all the way. I like to eat chicken and seafood, and will continue to do so. I just don’t eat red meat, and again, not to save cows, I never ate THAT much, but because eating it makes my blood pressure and cholesterol rise and I don’t like the way that makes me feel.

Now, on to the real issue. (Sorry, I had to justify my semi-vegetarianism before I started to get some vegans (and I TOTALLY respect you for your commitment) spitting some nasty comments my way.)

The Fresh Market.

I love this place more than I love my own home. I’d live there if they let me. Sadly, I have to drive to Huntsville to shop at one so I only get to salivate on their produce about once a month.

So, where being a vegetarian or, better yet, a vegan can definitely be green, so can buying GREAT reusable shopping bags like the one that I bought at The Fresh Market last week. This bag is so great. And I’ll show you sometime the heap of horrible plastic bags that this one $.99 bag will be replacing. It is super sturdy and big enough to replace, honestly, 4 or 5 traditional plastic bags. So, if you have a Fresh Market, or any other store that sells similar bags, go get one and USE IT!!

Don’t know where to buy them? Or, are you like me and tend to purchase everything possible from the internet? Go to reusablebags.com. They have tons of, you guessed it, reusable bags to buy and USE!

So, there’s my green post for the day.



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Resolution Amendment: Bookathon Attention: Etsians and Shoppers

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  • 1. Frances  |  January 8, 2009 at 8:48 am

    >GREAT reusable shopping bags like the one that I bought at The Fresh Market last week.

    I’ve even gotten some reusables for free. I used them (sort of) for a while, but realized that they were somehow never with me when I needed them. I went to some really small ones called “Breezy Bags”…the whole set of five fit in my purse. You should take a look: http://www.breezybags.com


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