Wildcard Sunday

January 4, 2009 at 9:13 am 3 comments

Well, today’s another wildcard day, so I get to blab about whatever I please.

Let me think carefully about this one.

Haha… wine is the only thing that’s coming to mind right now. So what if it’s only 8:45 am.

I’m reading a book that I ordered myself with the amazon.com
gift card that I got from work for Christmas. I got it a few days ago and it’s been a little slow going, but only because I’ve been working my butt off on these articles that I now realize are due TOMORROW, not yesterday (yea, figured that out last night, geez).

As a geographer I look at EVERYTHING differently than the average Joe (given that the average Joe (hahaha McCain) doesn’t have the Geographic Eye (I’ll get to that someday later)). We geographers look and think about everything spatially. The best way to describe our thought process in the most elementary format available is that we think asking ourselves a series of two small questions: What is where? and Why is it there?

This means that even a great pleasure such as wine is turned into a geographical inquiry. And wine is one of this world’s most essentially geographic subjects available.

Haven’t you ever wondered why a merlot from Chile tastes incredibly different from a French merlot? Their made from the same grape varietal, but taste a world apart (metaphorically, but also geographically).

(I’m really trying NOT to be long-winded, I promise.)

Well, the answer is geography. The French (and it has flowed over into many other cultures) call this phenomena “terroir”, which, if you drink wine often, you’ve probably heard. Its just a word describing the things that make wines of the same varietal but different regions taste differently.

These factors are numerous: climate, weather (which is immensely different from climate), soil, drainage, slope… I’ll NOT go on and on. You have the idea. Any factor imaginable causes the taste of wine.

So, as a geographer and lover of wine, I have gained an insane interest in the geography of wine, hence to reading of the book, The Geography of Wine by Brian J. Sommers. It’s a fantastic book, and great for someone who is just getting into the subject. (As someone who is already in tune with the basics of geography, as we have seen a large part of Americans sadly are not (ex: Miss Teen S. Carolina, youtube it!), I’ve found it very informing and interesting, but very basic.)

Anywho, though I am not quite done, it’s a great read. The author, Brian J. Sommers adds his own sense of subtle humor here in there, which enhances its pleasantness. Also, he has encouraged me to look at W. Connecticut as a grad school option, which is where he’s teaches. I would love to have him as an advisor! Spending my life in wine studies is definitely a huge dream of mine, hence my current research in the history of muscadine as a wine-making fruit.

To wrap things up, if you’re interested in furthering your wine knowledge, start with geography. It is the basis of understanding wine (and really about anything else in the world, because EVERYTHING is SOMEWHERE). So, click the book (it is linked to its amazon listing) and order it. Currently, you can get it used for $3.15, and have an educational read (trust me, it won’t kill you to forget about Edward and the Twilight saga for  a couple of night. It hasn’t killed me yet. :-D).

Until next time…



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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. AllThingsTangled  |  January 4, 2009 at 10:43 am

    Mmmm…I love wine, and I’m slowly learning about the geography of it too. I’ve found that the cabernets from California are especially good, although right now my current favorite is a malbec from chile.

  • 2. coffee  |  January 4, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    Miss Teen South Carolina answered that question badly, but she’s still got her looks to fall back on…

  • 3. Emily Thompson  |  January 4, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    She does still have her looks, but someday those will fail, and then, she’s just an idiot who used to be pretty.


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