Jenny’s Birthday

August 6, 2008 at 9:24 am Leave a comment

July and August are the big birthday months around here. Me, David, my best friend Jenny, and her fiance all have birthdays within a month of each other. And then there’s my dad’s, aunt’s, and what seems like a gazillion others very soon as well.

Anywho, Jenny’s twenty-somethingeth (a lady’s best friend never reveals age either) birthday is tomorrow. She is in the process of redecorating her living room and dining room. She did what I wish I had the cohonas (as David would say) to do; she got rid of EVERYTHING, without thinking twice about it, and is starting from scratch. So, I decided to contribute to the decor. Here is what I came up with.


Aren’t they fun?!? They were so easy to make. Lily took a crazy long nap yesterday and I just beaded away.

3 votive holders
assortment of wood and plastic beads
thin wire

That’s it. I actually couldn’t find my needle nose pliers, but I didn’t need them bad enough to REALLY look for them. All I did was take a length of wire and put beads on it and make a few little loops and wrap it around the neck. Then I took some small lengths of wire and beaded one end, strung it through the loops of the top wire, and swirled the other end. And VOILA!! I turned boring old votive holders into bohemian style decorative accessories. A WONDERFUL do it yourself birthday gift.

I also attempted to make these Twig Coasters from Martha Stewarts site and failed miserably. By this point Lily was awake, so I’m going to blame my distraction for the failure. If you try these, and succeed, let me know!!! And especially tell me if you don’t succeed, that way I won’t feel so bad.

Also, while browsing a little bit ago I found this tutorial by bunnybum that I absolutely love. They’re passport sleeves, which is a basic enough concept, I just never even thought about it before. I love it!! I’m totally making one soon. David is going to think I’m crazy when I had him a passport sleeve for him covered in some sort of silly boy decor. I gotta love the poor guy for putting up with me. 😀


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