Destination: Catastrophe

August 3, 2008 at 9:33 pm Leave a comment

So, if you have been keeping up, you know that I was crazy excited about this weekend. It was David’s surprise trip to Memphis to see the DMB concert. And boy, was it full of surprises.

First of all, I will never again in my life use Mapquest. We spent the majority of yesterday lost. When we finally got to the winery, which was supposed to be the highlight of my weekend, it was closed. Now I know why they never answered my phone calls.

After getting lost again, we found our hotel, which was no Holiday Inn, though it claimed Holiday as part of its name. It was a skanky, cheesy, gross motel. If I hadn’t already booked it, and payed, we would have went elsewhere. Thank you Orbitz.

After hiding all of our things throughout the room, so that if someone broke in it would be impossible for them to take everything, we left to meet up with friends about two miles away. On the way, we get a flat. Usually, that wouldn’t have been a huge problem, but yesterday it was, because our spare was flat as well.

So, we sit in a scary parking lot for an hour and a half waiting for a tow truck (thank God for AAA), and got a ride to Sears Auto. While getting both my front-drivers side tire fixed, and the flat, David and I walked across the road to Chili’s, which, thank heavens, was having 2 for 1 beers and margaritas.

Upon returning to Sears, we discover that they couldn’t patch either tire, they both had to be replace. So there went our trip budget. Thank goodness for Discover cards.

When we finally got my car back, it was 8:00pm. The concerted started at 7. We book it back downtown, find a parking deck that was ripping off concert-goers by charging $10 to park when on any other day it would have been only about $4 for a 5 hour park, but we parked anyways. After getting into Autozone Park, dishing out $8 a piece for two beers, we have a seat and find out that Willie Nelson had already played and was done. Willie is who David wanted to see the most. Damn.

The rest of the concert was fantastic. Except of course for the fact that it was well over 90 degrees for the duration of the concert. I don’t think I mentioned that it had reached 99 that day. I have never in my life been so hot for so long. Sweat was literally running down my body in streams. But it was an amazing show!

Afterwards we help our friends back to their hotel, hang out a while, and at 1:30am we decided it was time to go back to the hotel and hit the hay. We got lost again and got back after 2:30. As geographers we find ourselves depending on maps too much, especially at times when we need to just put them down and use common sense. Being dreadfully tired didn’t help either.

Oh, and while lost I pulled into a Checkers lot and proceeding to back into the front bumper of a car behind me. It didn’t do anything, so the guy said to forget about it. Luck.

This morning, however, was a million times better. We got to sleep in a bit since we didn’t have to deal with Lily’s breakfast, and we got up and showered and went and had lunch on Beale Street. We had amazing BBQ, then said goodbye to our friends and mosied back home.

All in all, despite the innumerable set backs, David and I really had a great time. It was the first time in a long time that we were able to get out alone and just do our own thing. But, leaving Lily behind was dreadfully painful. I was glad to get back to that cute little smiling face.

Here’s a picture of David and I for your enjoyment. We took a pit stop on the Mississippi R. front and took some pictures.

On a more interesting note, I have found some fun stuff for your enjoyment. Visit this site for lots of freebies. Also, go here for tutorial to make these…

I’m totally breaking these out at my next party. If you try them first, let me know how they were.

One more thing, I’m adding a page of pictures of my family and I for, pretty much, my own personal gratification. So, go look at my cute family.

Take care!!


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